TeVido BioDevices 3D-Prints Skin And Fat Grafts For Breast Cancer Survivors


Laura Bosworth spends most of her time talking about breasts — nipples, specifically. For the past three years as CEO of TeVido BioDevices, which works with human tissue and 3D printing to create skin and fat grafts, Bosworth has been researching how these products can help breast cancer survivors. For women who survive breast cancer, the damage left behind by lumpectomies or mastectomies can be traumatizing.

That’s where TeVido is poised to step in, Bosworth explained.

The company has been working to develop 3D printing of skin and fat grafts using the recipient’s own fat and skin cells. The company’s first product is a nipple for breast reconstruction, but eventually the company hopes to expand products to include an array of fat grafts for medical and cosmetic use.

TeVido Biodevices 3D printing

TeVido was recently selected as one of 20 startups to participate in the Martha and Kozo Shimano Entrepreneur Accelerator Program phase of…

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