How 3D printing is changing the way we live

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

Writing for the Wall Street JournalJavier Espinoza compiled a list of the various ways that 3D printing will assimilate itself into every possible aspect of your daily life; in fact, the technology is already being implemented into art and fashion, travel, food, and even automotive industries.

Much like our recent post about 3D-printed ice cream, the WSJ highlighted the countertop 3D food printer, the Foodini. Perhaps we’ll be replacing our microwaves with 3D printers sooner than we think. As strange as it may sound, the unit has the ability to complete tasks such as taking a substance, like dough, and forming it into a programmed pretzel shape. Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? The device can even process highly intricate cookie or frosting designs to include a high-tech element to your favorite baked goods.


The Journal also detailed the fact that some manufacturers are already using 3D printing to create scale…

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