Custom Jewelry for my Girlfriend

After Noah made the ark...

As a graduation present, I wanted to make my girlfriend something special, so I decided to design her a unique ring and print it in silver! I modeled the ring in Autodesk’s 123D Design so that I could try out the software (although after getting Autodesk’s Inventor, I will never use 123D design again.) The whole project took me 5 hours, and I banged it out on a Saturday morning 🙂

First, I sketched out the general design on paper. She really likes horse-back riding, and she has a horse named Kaia. I decided to make the ring say Kaia, and after a few sketches and versions, I finally came up with the concept that drove the ring’s design.

Once I had the concept, I made the typography in 123D Design using Splines. I tweaked the letters until everything looked about right.

Screenshot 2014-08-09 21.40.32

Then, I did various sweeps with 2mm x…

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